Watch: This Virginia Rep’s Gun Speech Made Dems Storm Out of Building

Following the latest mass school shooting, the debate over gun control has heated up in various parts of the country.

One place where the debate has become exceptionally heated is the Virginia House of Delegates, where Democrats actually walked out of the chamber on Friday when a Republican delivered a hard-hitting speech in opposition to further gun control proposals that also called out the shady history of the Democrat Party.

Nick Freitas, a former U.S. Army Green Beret combat veteran who represents Virginia’s 30th District and is running to challenge Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine, delivered a heated response after several Democrat delegates called their Republican counterparts “Nazis” and “segregationists” in floor speeches demanding more gun control laws.

According to The Daily Wire, Freitas initially spoke of how gun control measures were largely ineffective and did little more than infringe upon the Second Amendment, and spoke of the need to take a hard look at why so many shootings happen in “gun free zones,” as well as the need to allow trained and capable teachers to be armed in order to help secure their students, if they so choose.

The Republican delegate also noted how many mass shooters and perpetrators of gun violence come from broken homes, and suggested that things such as the welfare state and even the abortion industry were contributing factors.

But what really got under the skin of Freitas’ Democrat counterparts — and even caused some to get up and leave — was when he took issue with the manner in which they had been characterizing Republicans opposed to more gun control.

“It’s really difficult to have an open and honest debate about this … because members of this body are comparing members of (the Republican) side of the aisle to Nazis,” and even more offensive, a comparison to “segregationists.”

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