Steve Harvey Risks Career to Make HUGE Stand for Trump. Give Him Your Support!

Steve Harvey, a standout amongst the most popular moderators in the USA took a major jump and put his vocation hanging in the balance for what he has confidence in.

Live reporting in real time in “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” Steve Harvey himself went up against the two rappers Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow about their stand and their activities against President Trump.

Snoop Dogg in his most recent music video presents President Trump as a jokester and “shoots” him.

Rapper Bow Wow appeared to be inspired by this and really had a couple of positive things to say in regards to Snoop Dogg’s music video followed up by him saying that he might want influence Melania To trump a whore.

Steve Harvey was the main “hotshot” to face these rappers. Rather than scrutinizing this demonstration of Snoop Dogg the liberal media is grasping it, calling it “workmanship” and great music. Where as a general rule it can motivate a considerable measure of hoodlums to really attempt and perpetrate this repulsive wrongdoing.

Being a major supporter of our leader, Steve Harvey was sufficiently fearless to confront this “criminal” which may wind up in him being censured and looked downward on from the liberal piece of Hollywood and in addition the predominant press. On the off chance that you ask me that merits an immense measure of regard.

We as a whole realize that prevailing press won’t do anything with this story since it conflicts with each and every lie of theirs. Despite everything they assert that liberals are not vicious dissidents, better believe it, we can “tell” with the shooting what not. In the event that the circumstances were turned around the prevailing press will be ablaze right now and liberals would challenge presently. Disfavor!

Steve Harvey in case you’re perusing this, you merit a huge amount of regard and continue battling for what you remain for. Believe me, there are many individuals with you!

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