Laura Ingraham Just Slammed George Bush for Calling Pres. Trump a Failure

One of our favorite Fox News hosts, Laura Ingraham, has once again made her viewers proud. She put former President George W. Bush in his place after his childish attitude toward President Trump.

As we’ve reported, the news of Bush’s ribbing about the Trump administration making his presidency “look pretty good” has made its rounds in a big way – and it’s getting ugly.

In a recent interview, former President George W. Bush was asked about his thoughts on the Trump presidency to which he replied, “Sorta makes me look pretty good, doesn’t it?”

On Tuesday, Ingraham delivered a reality to check to Bush that he simply can’t dispute:

“Actually it doesn’t [look pretty good]. Unless endless wars, a financial crisis, unchecked immigration and leaving office with a 28 percent approval rating is ‘pretty good.’ … Repeating the failed policies of the past is getting us nowhere. We’ve tried your ‘expert ways’ for decades.”

Ouch. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Ingraham pointed out the elephant in the room with career Republicans and RINOs alike:

“What did the GOP establishment expect after he got elected? That somehow Donald Trump would become like one of them?”

President Trump clearly doesn’t participate in the dangerous “groupthink” mentality – that’s a major contributing reason why he was elected, and a big part of his success.

What are your thoughts on how Ingraham handled the comments from Bush? Join the conversation in the comment section and let us know!


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