Federal Judge Gives Trump The Green Light To End DACA

The Trump administration scored a huge victory this week. A federal judge swatted down objections to phasing out the DACA program. There’s nothing protecting the Dreamers. If Democrats don’t give the president what he wants they may lose their legal status soon.

“Federal Judge in Maryland has just ruled that ‘President Trump has the right to end DACA,’” Trump tweeted.

“President Obama had 8 years to fix this problem, and didn’t. I am waiting for the Dems, they are running for the hills!”

The left claims to care about the Dreamers but they’ve let multiple negotiation opportunities slip through their fingers.

Judge Roger Titus’ ruling is in contrast to the decision reached by a few liberal judges.

“This decision took control of a pell-mell situation and provided Congress – the branch of government charged with determining immigration policy – an opportunity to remedy it,” Judge Titus wrote in his ruling.

“Given the reasonable belief that DACA was unlawful, the decision to wind down DACA in an orderly manner was rational…This Court does not like the outcome of this case, but is constrained by its constitutionally limited role to the result that it has reached… Hopefully, the Congress and the President will finally get their job done.”

The judges who ruled that President Trump didn’t have the right to end DACA protections were biased by their own beliefs. Calmly winding down the DACA program is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

Justice Department spokesman Devin O’Malley boasted Tuesday that the Justice Department “has long maintained that DHS acted within its lawful authority in making the discretionary decision to wind down DACA in an orderly manner, and we welcome the good news today that the district court in Maryland strongly agrees.”

O’Malley also took a stab at liberal judges and shoddy rulings.

“Monday’s ruling also highlights a serious problem with the disturbing growth in the use of nationwide injunctions.”

President Trump’s first year in office was wildly successful. His second year is getting off to an even stronger start.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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