BREAKING: Robert Mueller Will Resign Following Release Of Bombshell Memo

The release of the FISA memo the Democrat Party has been throwing fits about just happened, and it’s much worse than they expected.

The memo revealed that the corruption of the Obama administration was so bad that Donald Trump said “the entire country needs to see it.” The memo reveals that the FBI colluded with Democrats to use secret courts to overthrow Donald Trump. It also reveals beyond a shadow of a doubt that numerous crimes were committed not just by Democrats by by Robert Mueller, James Comey, and everyone else involved in this political witch hunt.

The memo clearly says that the “investigation” into people associated with Donald Trump began because of the discredited Christopher Steele dossier — their only “evidence” and that the FBI kept lying to a FISA court claiming they had uncovered “new” information while instead there never was any to begin with. It was just an excuse for Obama’s cronies to spy on Donald Trump as part of this smear job.

The most damning part is that the author of the fake dossier was terminated as a source for making unauthorized disclosures to the media in October 2016. Numerous FBI agents were also involved in improper actions that tarnish what little was real about the investigation.

Politico reported after the release that “Robert Mueller is considering calling it quits after he was unable to explain many of the facts referenced in the memo, which was released after House Republicans voted to reveal it.”

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