After Stupidly Getting Tricked On Twitter, CNN’s Chris Cuomo Gets Eviscerated By Julian Assange

CNN’s resident privileged carnival barker, Chris Cuomo, thought that he was making a pithy slam on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. But unbeknownst to Cuomo, he was actually responding to a fake Assange account. Things got even dicier when the real Assange decided to weigh in.

First, Cuomo tweets this out to the fake Assange, which sounds like it came from a 16-year-old girl:

To which the real Assange has to stand up and chime in:

This isn’t the first time Assange has gone after Cuomo. He poked fun at Cuomo after he said it was illegal for people to look at Wikileaks:

In fact, Assange tweeted this out today to relive that special moment:


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