A.G. Sessions Received The Letter: Robert Mueller Officially Accused of Treason!

The left is struggling with the justice like never before and things are spicing up for sure.

Robert Mueller was accused of treason by LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick in an unexpected letter for Jeff Sessions.

The suspicions of Robert Mueller being involved in shady businesses are nothing new to the masses, however, it should be one of the main of the Congress like the other real criminals in the government.

RedStateDebate reported that the criminal complaint LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick swore against Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller was directed to the U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions.

Namely, Mueller  and other Federal Bureau of Investigation employees in the commission of treason and lesser-included offenses,” were publicly accused by Fitrpatrick in hopes to get the attention of President Donald Trumps, so that he would question and further investigate the whole situation.

In addition, we are disclosing a part of the letter:

“I formally accuse Mr. Robert “Bob” Swan Mueller, III of TREASON!

Mr. Mueller is one leader of a criminal racket actively engaged in aggressive attempts to unconstitutionally overthrow a sitting President: Donald John Trump.

Mr. Mueller’s treasonous agenda is to take down President Trump. Mueller’s agenda is a national security incident.

Mueller has created an illicit authority unto himself through the agency of acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rob Rosenstein.

Mueller is positioned, using his illegally manufactured authority to attack President Trump, cover-up Comey’s crimes, the crimes of other and the cover-up of his own crimes, Mueller’s crimes.

Plotting assiduously to oust our constitutionally elected president, combined with Mueller’s attack against honorably discharged veterans, Mueller continues in service to himself, to an insurgent domestic enemy government; to the enemy within.

Mueller is a volunteer enlisted in service to a rival government competing with our U.S. government ‘at war with our basis concepts of a democratic society and a representative government.’

Mueller is responsible for allowing Obama to be illegally ‘selected’ into the Obama’s ‘residency’, and now scrapes through the records of a lawfully elected president for no reason.”

And here is the extended version of the letter.

What are your thoughts on this?

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